Inspiration for social media; Business edition

Are you struggling to come up with new social content every day for your business accounts? It can be exhausting to keep pushing out ideas when you don’t know where to start. We’ve compiled 5 ways we gather inspiration and keep motivated.

  1. FAQ’s 
    Social media is often used by customers to ask businesses questions about their services or to enquire about any concerns they may have. Use this to your advantage. If many clients are contacting about similar issues then address them on your page publicly, this means you’ll save time answering messages about the same thing and you have more content to post. 
  2. Stories
    You don’t even have to post necessarily, why not create a story? Stories are more personal too as they allow your audience to interact with you via polls, questions, countdowns, the worlds your oyster! There are some great tips for making your stories interesting online-
  3. Events 
    Something interesting happening in the news? See if there’s any way you can link it to your business. It’s important to note this is only if it is relevant. A good example right now would be coronavirus as most businesses had to adapt to the pandemic, like working from home. A post could just be keeping your customers in the loop about where you’re at. Special occasions can be used for content too, you may want to wish people a happy Christmas and let them know about the latest deal you’ve got on.
  4. Post your workspace
    Customers love to see behind the brand! Reminds them that there are people actually working behind the company logo. Posting your workspace gives the customers a chance to get to know your business better, makes them feel closer and more involved too. It might also be a good idea to add your logo in the corner to mark your office, or edit your pictures to match your theme more. 
  5. Look at other business accounts 
    Your competitors could be your greatest inspiration. Have a snoop at what your opposition are posting, and see which posts are working and which aren’t. It’s important to not steal content but taking an idea and making it your own isn’t against any rules. It doesn’t have to be a company in the same field really- if you can see what they’ve done for their product and think you can change it enough to fit yours then go for it! There is nothing wrong with using the resources around you. 

If you’re uninspired or simply don’t have enough time to keep pushing out content consistently then why not hire a social media manager? If you are STILL feeling uninspired, we can do all the hard work for you. We’ve got years of experience, a keen design team willing to help and an office of creatives filled with ideas for your platforms. 

We’re more than happy to help, get in touch for a quote!