Google Ads is a way to create advertisements for your business that display on Google search results within days.

When you search on google you’re presented with a list of results- SERP (the Search Engine Results Page.) The ads that have been paid for will have theirs shown at the top of the page and will get charged a small amount every time their link is clicked on.

We’ll take a look at your site alongside your industry and talk with you about what keywords you’re trying to rank higher for. A keyword is the search term that you want to appear on google when a client is looking for your services or products.


Search marketing is heavily dependent on relevant keywords so choosing the right ones to use in your advertising can make or break your ad campaigns.

Our team gets a list of keywords specific to your business and chooses particular terms to use that are going to get your website to the top of Google. Picking the right keywords is so important for reaching the right audience; you want your ads to be as relevant as possible, which is why we put a lot of research into your ad campaigns.

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