Why hire a social media manager?

The short answer? They know how to promote your company and when.

In this day and age, social media isn’t just an account, it’s a key business strategy. Whilst it can be a great way to connect with clients, it is so time consuming to keep pushing out consistent content. 

An agency, much like ours, will be filled with tonnes of people with experience and expertise in posting content to market your business. These are people that know the best way to research your company, topics regarding your company, competitors and use this information to create engaging content for your audience. With an agency, you also get full time presence, as it is a full-time job. Many small businesses agree that freeing up the time your company would’ve spent managing your platforms lets you give attention to what is important. You can always obtain more money but you’ll never get those hours back! The value outweighs the price- when your page starts gaining more interaction, you’ll build a loyal following and eventually customers. 

You might be thinking, well I’ll just hire an entry-level person, I don’t need an agency. Here’s why you might want to reconsider- the cost of training someone up, and the time you’ll lose fixing any mistakes, alongside the knowledge that a strong social media talent comes with experience, should be enough said. You could run your own accounts but when you work out how much time it’ll take to post consistently tailored content every day, for each platform you use, and monitoring analytics to get the best out of your posts, it just doesn’t seem like you’ll have time to do all that and effectively work on growing your business. 

Overall, you can see just how beneficial an active social presence is for engaging existing, new and potential clients. Here at TH3 design, we take the time needed to research and understand your brand and its needs. We’re based in Hull and we’re here to help, if you want to ensure you’re using social media to the extent of its potential get in touch today