Tips for working from home

With more and more people working from home recently, we thought we would put together some tips to make you feel comfortable working in your own space and help you be as productive as possible.

Get dressed!

Although we know how great it would be to hop straight out of bed to your computer and work in your pyjamas all day, this is not effective. Getting showered and dressed allows you to stay in your regular routine as if you were going to the office. Also, not only does showering and getting ready improve your outlook and motivation for the day but taking this time before logging straight into work mode allows your brain to have time to get started!

Put a plan in place.

At the beginning of the day set a plan – a plan of tasks you need to complete by the end of the day. Having this plan written down in front of you can be motivational, especially if you’re ticking your completed tasks off. Also, incorporate additional tasks to this plan in case you finish early, so you don’t stop working!

Choose a dedicated workplace.


It is not effective to work from your bed, but we understand that not everyone will have an office in their house. It’s about choosing a happy medium, somewhere you don’t so much associate with leisure time. Dedicate a specific room or surface for your work.

Pretend you’re not home.

Ok, if you have an essential delivery then maybe don’t stick to this one but for anything else pretend you’re not home! So don’t answer your home phone or door during your working hours. This way you’re never tempted to chat or take time off work! Allowing you to be as productive as possible.

Eat your usual lunch!

It is essential to eat lunch to keep your mind ticking and keep energy levels up! But, working from home you may be tempted to cook yourself something extravagant – when at work you would never eat this. Stuffing yourself full with a big meal will only lower your energy levels and make you feel less motivated.

Find a motivational playlist.

Lots of people work better and are more productive when listening to music. So, if you’re one of these people, sitting in silence is not an option! You need to find yourself a suitable playlist to keep you motivated and on task. Services like Spotify have many ready-made playlists to help motivate workers.

Check-in with co-workers and the boss.


Setting up a group chat or a Skype call can be helpful for those working at home. This is to ensure you’re all on with the correct tasks; you can quickly and easily ask any questions needed and also to keep your social levels up! You don’t want to isolate yourself from everyone, so stay in the loop and keep everyone informed of what’s going on!


Here at TH3 Design, business is as usual and we have our staff working remotely. You can still get in touch with us for any enquiries on 01482 223469.