Small ways to help others during the Coronavirus pandemic

You may feel unhelpful at the minute like there’s not a lot you can do for others. But these small actions go further than you think!


Stay at home


By staying at home, you may feel useless and unhelpful, but actually, you’re helping so many more people by doing so! You’re protecting your loved ones, as well as strangers. Be a home hero!


Give them a call

Call your loved ones, and those you think may be a little lonely! This could be a FaceTime or a telephone call; they may be in need, or your call could just make their day!



Wash your hands

This is a life-saving habit; don’t let it slip! Even if you’re spending all day at home, it is still so important to wash those hands. This is helping you and everyone around you by staying safe and preventing the spread of disease.


Run errands for them


If you know someone is vulnerable and can’t get themselves to the shops, then this is your perfect opportunity to be a good neighbour (or a family member of course). If you’re not experiencing symptoms and are popping to the shops anyway, why not add their shopping list to yours? Leave their care package on the doorstep for them to retrieve safely, then remind them to wash/remove packaging where possible and keep washing their hands!


Keep your distance


When you do head out to the shops or for exercise, remember to keep your distance! Stay six feet apart from everyone.


Be kind

So, this one sounds easy, right? But with the shops being chaotic and shelves being left bare, it is very easy to get frustrated. This may lead you to be less friendly to the staff. So, just remember, it’s not their fault, and they’re always there to help! Be extra kind to them during this difficult time; you’ll be surprised how much this will help them.


Remind them they’re loved

Reminding your friends and family they’re loved can help them feel comforted and less lonely and it only takes a second out of your day! It can really cheer someone up during this time.


Right now it is more important to pull together as a nation, so stay at home and help others where you can.

We hope you’re all well and stay safe!