Facebook search has just got a whole lot more powerful

Facebook has over 1.4 billion monthly users. No, that’s not a typo. A billion users. Every month. As if that isn’t enough to completely blow your mind, think about this. How many posts have 1.4 billion monthly users made?

Over 2 trillion. There are over 2,000 billion posts on Facebook, dating back to it’s founding back in early 2004. And it doesn’t matter who you are, you’ve done it all on Facebook. Whether it’s a cringe worthy status, an argument with a keyboard warrior or a complete lie just to fish for likes, you’ve done it all. And most of you are safe from embarrassment if you use Facebook often due to the time it would take to see your very first statuses. Well, you were safe.

What does this update mean for you?
In new updates, Facebook are expanding the capabilities of its search engine. Now users can search for specific posts rather than just other users or pages. Say for example you’re looking for a video you saw earlier, you know, the funny one of the talking dog, everyone’s seen it. Well now, if you’ve forgotten which user or page shared the video, which 90% of the Facebook population including myself do, then you can search for specific words that may be mentioned in the post itself, making the recovery of previous posts you’ve seen a much easier and less time consuming task.

When’s it coming?
The new search features are rolling out as of today on the desktop, and it should show up in an updated iOS app soon, as well. As for Android users, you can expect the update soon after, with Facebook working on bringing it to Android phones once the launch is complete.

So if you’ve got any embarrassing statuses which you’re scared of resurfacing, there’s still time to fix it, although you could just risk it until the new search engine comes out and hope you get to them before anyone else does.