When Selfies Go Wrong

Selfies. Everyone loves a selfie. And those who claim to despise them are dirty little liars. Revolutionised by Apple’s iPhone front camera and apps such as Snapchat, selfies have become the modern day equivalent to the plague, infecting social media sites across the globe. But what happens when this harmless bit of fun goes wrong?

Some people strive for the perfect selfie. They live for likes on Instagram, and that’s just the way it is nowadays. Yet sometimes this drive for perfection can have horrifying results. Take this blogger from Australia, who posed for a harmless selfie with wildlife’s most photogenic animal on offer; the camel. Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 16.34.17

Harmless creatures, yet as soon as the front facing camera and Mayfair filter, they become a danger to society. I don’t know whether the expression on her face is due to the fact a camel is trying to eat her face or if she can smell it’s dinner, but I’m sure either are just as terrifying.

The same goes for dogs. Everyone loves a pooch, big or small. Yet theirs something about pouting that drives them crazy.
Take a look at this woman who is either receiving the most aggressive form of a French kiss ever witnessed, or is another prime example of when selfies go wrong.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 16.36.23

Sure, these are hilarious for the world, as long as no harm is actually done, so lets encourage more selfies with Vogue camels and celebrate how ridiculous some selfies actually are.

Selfies. We salute you.