Amazon Launchpad rolls out to the UK

Amazon just can’t stop getting it right at the moment. First they release their Dash buttons, a revolutionary method of home deliveries that not only makes the process of buying your favourite products quicker, but a whole lot easier too. And now they’ve begun to roll out the Launchpad to the UK, having previously only been available in the U.S.

What is Amazon Launchpad?

The Launchpad is literally a launch pad for start up companies right across the UK. The online platform is dedicated to showcasing products from start-ups and early stage companies, allowing them to market and sell their products to a wider consumer base exposed through Amazon.

Not only this, Amazon are looking at developing newcomers in the tech industry, through partnerships with the likes of Kickstarter and the UK’s own Crowdcube. This ensures that innovation in the tech market continues to prosper in the future.

What can you get on the Launchpad?

At the moment, the Launchpad is fairly limited in what it has to offer to the UK. As it’s only just being rolled out to Britain, products listed are done so through personal invites from Launchpad themselves. This includes the likes of smart coffee machines, smart watches including Pebble Time, Wi-Fi kettles, surfboards and gin from Devon. However, once it’s rolled out properly expect the number of products available to go through the roof.

Amazon are not only looking after start ups to ensure innovation and advancements continue to be made, they’re also ensuring that we benefit from the limitless possibilities available to us in both the present and future.