Design agency Hull – How to get Facebook likes

Our last post was about google +1, today we’re looking at a range of ways to get more Facebook likes. Making a standard FaceBook business page and thinking the world will instantly start sharing it unfortunately won’t work anymore. The page needs to be consistent with your brand, engaging to the user and also give them a reason to hit that like button and share with friends.

Here are a few simple tips on how to attract more users:

• Get the branding correct – a page that attracts your user will get more likes and it’s great brand association

• Let the world know – if you have twitter (which you probably should) let all your followers know about your Facebook page

• Send a message to your existing Facebook friends and share your page

• Offer a reason for people to join – this could be anything from special offers to your news and updates

• Install a Facebook like button on your website like the one we have over on the right

• Make a short memorable url for example….

• Add a link to your Facebook page from your email signature

• Ask your clients to become fans (in return if you like their pages)

• Send it our in your business newsletters

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. If you’d like a custom Facebook page creating give us a call!