Social Media Hull – Twitter branded business pages

Earlier this month, Twitter announced that they will be launching Facebook-esque branded business pages.

Twitter has so far only released the new style of custom pages to a few big businesses: Coca Cola, Disney, McDonald’s, American Express, Nike, Best Buy, General Electric and Paramount Pictures, to name a few.

Benefits of the new design

1. Customisable header – Businesses will now be able to promote their brand more prominently.

2. Embedded tweets – Twitter will be allowing website owners to embed a specific tweet to their sites, allowing their visitors to reply to, favourite or re-tweet their message without actually having to go on Twitter.

3. Separating @Replies From @Mentions – Brands will also now be able to easily differentiate between their @replies and their @mentions

4. Featured tweet – You will now be able to feature one of your tweets at the top of the page.

With over 100 million users, it is unsurprising that companies want to tap into that vast user base to promote their products and services, and Twitter has tried to give them extra tools that the average user does not have.

The question now remains, will this Twitter business page strategy become available for small, local businesses? If you’d like to be notified about branded business pages please send an email to