A look Inside York Guildhall, TH3’s York office

Picture this: a £21.7 million makeover that turned a historical relic into a buzzing hive of creativity and business. That’s exactly what happened at York Guildhall last year, making it a hotspot for innovative endeavours and ingenious collaborations. And guess what? We’ve jumped on the bandwagon, bringing our digital design prowess to this co-working space.

Much like our home in Hull, C4DI, The Guildhall in York is home to many different businesses and individuals. 

Whilst sharing our services we’re also happy that we’re in the heart of York! A city adorned with medieval streets, grand cathedrals, and winding rivers. The thought of wandering through the Shambles, sipping tea at Betty’s, or strolling atop the ancient city walls has us brimming with excitement. After all, work is great, but exploring York’s hidden gems and classic attractions adds a sprinkle of adventure to our daily grind.

The University of York and Barclays Eagle Labs Partnership

The University of York has taken out a 15-year lease on The Guildhall. A significant aspect of York’s evolving business landscape is the partnership between the University of York and Barclays Eagle Labs. This collaboration aims to provide comprehensive support and guidance to entrepreneurs and businesses in the city, with access to banking experts, mentors, tools, and co-working spaces. 

Beyond the Guildhall’s elegant arches, the University of York and Barclays Eagle Labs partnership stands as a testament to York’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation, leading them toward success.

The Office Space

The restoration introduced high-quality office spaces, areas for communal use, a café, and a riverside restaurant. Notably, the Guildhall project embraces green technology for heating, underlining the commitment to sustainability. Who said history can’t coexist with innovation?

The office space is filled with businesses, tech innovators, professional experts, digital development etc. A variety of businesses thrive here, being surrounded by other working professionals often increases both productivity and creativity. 

TH3 Web Design

As we settle in we’re not only opening our doors to new clients, but also introducing ourselves to a variety of new people and businesses along the way!

We’re excited to witness our growth in York, to delve into new projects, and to make our mark in this historic city’s bustling business scene.