Localised SEO vs National SEO

Are you putting yourself at a disadvantage from your competitors without even realising it? 

If you’ve got a business that is local and you haven’t researched localised SEO then chances are you’re faltering.

National SEO aims to optimise ranks all over the country. So, you’d be getting clients all over the country – which is important for bigger businesses.

If you’re a smaller business however, then chances are you’re going to benefit far more from local SEO and targeting local clients. Adding where your business is based in your keywords will massively help target customers local to your area. For example, if you were a cafe based in Hull your keywords may be;

Cafe Hull

Hull Cafes 

Coffee shops Hull

Because of national SEO being, well, national it’s more useful for bigger corporations, they can use general keywords because they’re great enough to reap the benefits. These types of businesses have usually been around for a while; they’ve built a name for themselves and subsequently are going to be at the top of search pages. It’s much harder to rank well in search engines using national SEO because chances are your targeted keywords are already in use by several businesses similar to yours. Smaller businesses won’t benefit from using general keywords because all the top spots are already taken. 

National SEO will only be beneficial if either your business is niche – and I mean very niche, as in your one of the only people in the country doing this particular thing, or if you’re entirely based online – you can’t really work locally if you don’t have a location. You could benefit from it also if you’re a big Asda-sized company with money to buy the more expensive keywords. 

However, let’s say you were a nice little cafe based in hull, you probably won’t be in the top searches for best cafe’s in general but you could be in the top searches for best cafes in Hull. Localised keywords will be cheaper to buy and more beneficial.  


Making content with local keywords in is your best bet. Create a blog section for your site, it’s been researched that companies with a blog generate 67% more leads than those that don’t. A block of content means you can disperse keywords throughout. 

Have a location page on your site so local customers can tell where your based easily, if you’ve got multiple locations make sure you mention them all. 

Smaller businesses can use localised SEO to expand, you could become the best cafe in Hull and then try and become the best cafe in Yorkshire and then the best in the North of England, trying to be the best in the UK immediately just won’t work. That’s like trying to run a 10k when you don’t even know how to walk yet – let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

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