Why SEO is just as important this holiday season!

As the countdown to Christmas has begun, it’s time to start thinking about your SEO! What does SEO have to do with Christmas? Well, in this blog, we will give you tips and tricks for the festive season.  

Create Holiday Season ‘Gift’ Pages 

If you’re an e-commerce store setting up gift pages is essential. For example: ‘Best Gifts For Teens’ or ‘Top 10 Kids Gifts’ etc. If you do this and ensure the page meta titles and description fit the upcoming holiday season, you are bound to attract lots of visitors. You can then reuse these pages for upcoming holidays: Valentine’s Day / Summer Sale etc.

Not only will these pages attract visitors looking for festive presents, but it also gives your site more exposure through the use of more pages.

Promote On Social Media 

Social Media is a great tool to boost your sales during the festive period. Ensuring you utilise all social media sites, e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. is essential. Pinterest is also an excellent way to get your products out there. Lots of people create wish lists on Pinterest, so if you put your products on there and link them to your website, this is also bound to drive traffic.

Another tip would be setting up holiday gift guides and adding these across your social media channels, along with sales and offers.



Reuse old content 

Have Christmas content from last year? Don’t be afraid to reuse it! Update it for this year and post it! Add on your blogs, gift guides etc. This is an effective method if you don’t have much time to be spending on marketing. It’s not wrong to reuse your old content!

 Load Time 

Your Christmas content may be perfect; you may have some fantastic products, but if your page speed is slow, then you will not increase conversions! People will get impatient with your site and look elsewhere! Which is why it’s essential to fix your page load speed before the busy period!

There are many ways to boost your SEO, and it is especially important this holiday season!

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