What is CRO & why is it important?

CRO- Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Still no idea what CRO is? Here we will take you through the ins and outs of CRO and why it is essential for businesses.  


Firstly ‘conversion’ does not only mean purchases, but this can include more simple things such as an email sign up, account creation, completion of surveys etc. So your SEO may be fantastic, and your site traffic is soaring, magnificent! But the people visiting your site may not be achieving the goal in place- taking action!

Know the Difference

CRO is not SEO – although sometimes working hand in hand, they are not the same.  While SEO is focused on driving traffic to your site, CRO is primarily focused on increasing your conversions to increase your sales.

CRO is the process of optimising your site to increase these conversions.

‘But Why is it important to me as a business?’

Well, with higher conversion rates comes higher profits! It means more of your customers are engaging with your website by either: purchasing, subscribing, requesting a quote, etc.  It also increases customer-centricity, this means you will not only leave with more customers but happier ones more likely to spread the word about you! Through optimising your site, you also gain customer trust. For customers to share credit card and other personal information, they need to trust your site. Without any confidence, you have very few customers. Your website needs to look professional and trustworthy.


Where to start:

First, you need to begin with an analysis to figure out what your site is doing good and what needs improving.

Set up Conversion Tracking

You need to set up conversion tracking to see how your customers are already converting. This is a powerful tool for CRO, It involves tagging a group of customers to see how they got to your site and what they did once they arrived.

Find out where your traffic is going

If you have google analytics on your site this will be easy-peasy, just find out where on your website your traffic is fading out.

Other methods can include creating surveys for your site visitors/customers and get their genuine opinion on how you can improve.

‘Now what?’

By figuring out the answers to these questions, you then need to start making changes. This can be updates to your website, this can include things such as redesigning the check out page, homepage, etc. Or this can be simpler things such as adding more pictures, changing the wording of products, etc. There is a sea of changes you can make to the website, but by guessing you could end up ruining what once was a great website. However, through tracking, analysing, completing surveys and lots more other methods you can avoid any mistakes and change specifically what you need to. Don’t fix things that don’t need fixing! Ensure your changes are necessary by using CRO!

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