Snapchat roll out latest update

Snapchat just seems to keep getting better and better. As time goes by, the app goes from strength to strength, and the latest update keeps that trend rolling on. On Tuesday, Snapchat set upon us it’s most significant update in recent months, dubbed Chat 2.0.

What does the update bring to the table?

Basically, the update revolves around upgrading the app’s messaging service, which lets be honest, has needed to be revamped for a while now. Not only can you jump straight from sending a message to initiating a voice chat, if whomever you’re trying to contact isn’t around, you can leave an audio message instead. But that’s not all.

When you receive a video call, you are given the choice to ignore, join or watch. Ignoring calls will cancel the call, whilst opting to join or watch means you either join the call with video or join without using the camera respectively.

Voice calls also work in a similar fashion, but you’ll need to tap the phone button rather than the video camera icon.

As well as the option to send stickers too, these are all the improvements made to Snapchat’s chat feature. However, they have also added auto-advance stories, which do exactly what they say on the tin. Once the story ends, the one below in your timeline will begin immediately.

Snapchat keeps on getting it right, and the update is available now on iOS and Android devices.