Amazon release highly anticipated Dash Button

Have you ever reached for the toilet roll and being struck by the devastating news that you’re all out and you’re about to go toe to toe with a wet cloth? Well them days are gone, with Amazon providing the solution.

Launched on Tuesday, Amazon have unveiled a new piece of hardware called the Dash Button, a simple device that orders the things you always use – whether it be deodorant, coffee, or toilet roll. The Dash Button is simply a small device, which you can stick wherever, and at the touch of a button, the item assigned to it is at your doorstep the very next day.

What does it do?

Each button is tied to a specific product, items such as Lynx deodorant cans, Kraft macaroni, and Bounty paper towels. Push one in your little ones bedroom and within 24 hours, Huggies nappies are on your doorstep. Push another in your kitchen and get ready for a fresh supply of coffee to get you through the week. Other available items include Tide washing detergent tablets, Kraft macaroni, SmartWater and more, with many other products set to join them.

How does it work?

Set up via the Amazon app available on all smartphones, the button connects to your home Wi-Fi and a single press of the Dash Button automatically places your order. Once pressed, you’ll receive an order alert through your phone, so you can easily notice and cancel your order if you made a mistake, changed your mind, or if your kid thought it was a toy and pressed it 50 times.

With the Dash Button, Amazon make modern day living that little bit easier by simplifying the purchase of every day necessities through three simple steps. Place it. Press it. Get it.