Instagram changes iconic square photo format

Sick of those awkward moments where Instagram crops one of your friends out of your group photo? Or having to take ten steps back to fit the full scene into your camera view? 

Well worry no more, as Instagram revealed last week that they have added portrait and landscape options to user uploads of pictures; ending the dictatorship of the previous sole option of a square.

Instagram’s iconic square format has led to an evolution in the way people take and share their moments, but Instagram has had to adapt to provide its millions of users with unlimited freedom in their photographic efforts, giving the social media giant a more professional appearance and ultimately, a more aesthetically pleasing experience for all its users.

What does this mean for you?

Not only will the update eliminate these awkward moments and prevent any more disputes between friends about who deserved to be cropped out, it will allow Instagram to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter in terms of the quality of photographs uploaded. Gone are the days of scrolling through your news feed and seeing a constant stream of selfies and elegantly decorated breakfasts. The future of Instagram is panoramic city skylines and awe-inspiring views of the natural environment. And most importantly, fully complete group photos.

Talk about thinking outside the box; Instagram’s latest move proves it’s no longer hip to be square.