Twitter updates profile pages to resemble Facebook

Twitter is rolling out an update to its profile pages that look very similar to Facebook, complete with tweet highlights and large pictures.

The update, visible through the web version of Twitter, allows users to customise their profile pages with their best tweets, a larger profile photo and wide cover-image, mirroring the design update Facebook made to its profile pages in 2013.

Users will be able to pin tweets to the top of their page, while tweets that have seen more retweets, replies or favourites will appear slightly larger.

Viewers of other people’s profiles will also be able to filter the displayed tweet timelines to exclude pictures and videos or view tweets and replies.

The new profile page updates are currently available for a select group of existing users, including a small list of celebrities, while new users will start with the new profile design when they sign up for an account. Twitter are yet to announce whether they will also apply the design to their mobile apps.

The latest update will be rolled out to existing users in the coming weeks.