A range of tools to help you with Social Media

There’s a wide range of tools to make your Social Media campaigns easier to manage. Today we’re looking at the top three.

TweetDeck is a popular web app and desktop app (It’s what we use). It provides you with customizable columns to view what’s most important to you, and filters to see the exact content that you need. Tweets can be scheduled for the future to get the most exposure and you can manage unlimited accounts with this free app.

ManageFlitter is a helpful free tool that will allow you to clean up your Twitter account by finding inactive people that you follow and find users that aren’t following you back. You can also search within your Twitter stream and link Google+ to your Twitter account.

MarketMeSuite is a free social media dashboard that includes many features for Twitter users, including managing conversations, managing multiple accounts, schedule tweets, using geo-targeting to find local connections, and much more.