Video animation Hull – can video content improve SEO?

With video results now appearing in google, today we’re looking at how video can boost your SEO. Video content seems to be leap-frogging standard listings which gives the opportunity to rank well and at a fast speed.

Does video work?

Quite simply yes, video is 41% more likely to achieve a click through compared to text when listed on google (Forrester study). The study also showed that a business page with video content is up to 53 times more likely to achieve a page one listing.

• An engaging video hosted on youtube (or other video sites) is a great way to drive traffic to your site as you can easily add a clickable link and push the viewer to click on it.

• Although google can’t read your video to understand the content you can add descriptions and links which will help improve the SEO.

• Googles current algorithm measures the amount of time users spend on a page to ascertain the quality of the website. Therefor the longer a user stays on your site the better, having an introduction video that engages the user on your homepage is a fantastic way to increase the amount of time people are on your site. According to Comscore, people stayed two minutes longer (on average) on a webpage when they watched video content.

• There’s always the chance for the video to spread virally, which will greatly increase the amount of links to your video and the position in which it appears on google.

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