SEO Hull – beginner tips to get higher on google

We often get asked for a few SEO hints and tips when speaking to our clients, so this week we thought we’d add a few to our blog.

Firstly (if you’re unaware what SEO is or stands for), Search Engine Optimisation is a term used to describe the science involved in increasing the quantity and quality of visitors to a web site from search engines through natural or un-paid listing. The stronger your SEO is the higher you will appear. Here are a range of ways to easily improve your site.

• Find the Best Keywords, search for ‘google keyword tool’ and see which of your keywords are getting the most action.

• Focus on search phrases, not single keywords, and put your location in your text (“our Hull store” not “our store”) to help you get found in local searches.

• Search engines look at how many times a term is in your content and if it is abnormally high, will count this against you rather than for you.

• SEO is useless if you have a weak or non-existent call to action. Make sure your call to action is clear and present.

• Understand social marketing. The more you understand about sites like Digg, Yelp,, Facebook, etc., the better your SEO will be.

• Fresh content can help improve your rankings. Add new, useful content to your pages on a regular basis.

Check back in January for more SEO hints and tips or give us a call if you fancy a chat about improving your SEO.