Improve page load time to generate more leads

Website Optimisation

Website Speed Optimisation is the process of speeding up your page load time. A faster site can increase traffic and profits.

Improve your user experience

We use Google PageSpeed Insights to analyse your current page speed score; this allows us to form a plan and see precisely what needs rectifying. You can test your own website by clicking here.

Page speed is the measure of how long it takes a website to loads from a hosting server into a user’s browser. Here at TH3 Design, we use a range of procedures to reduce the time it takes for your website to load on a device. Thus improving your website speed and visitors experience.

The faster your website loads, the longer your visitors are likely to stay on your site. People are less likely to trust a slow site, which means they’re less likely to purchase from it. Therefore, a faster website means happier visitors and possibly more customers. Faster loading pages also rank higher on SERPs (Google). By ranking higher on these sites, your business becomes more discoverable, and you will gain more traffic on your website.

Keep your visitors happy and reduce bounce rates with Website Optimisation.