The Location Guys.

A website design for a UK location agency The Location Guys. A Modern and elegant portfolio representing architectural spaces and design-led homes.

Website Design

The Location Guys. requested a website that reflected their company and allowed the locations they represent to stand out.

We designed a unique, elegant, and easily navigated website perfect for clients and homeowners. Cue home envy.


Design Details

Inspired by their simple yet punchy logo we created a simple website with attitude reflecting The Location Guys. and the beautiful locations they represent. Taking into account the target audience of commercial photography and film makers we created a navigation led design based on client needs.


Design & Function

When prioritising design doesn’t mean loosing function. The Location Guys. website is equal parts design and function; elegantly designed features allow properties to take centre stage in an easily navigated and thought out process.

Search, like, send, or simply get in touch. The Locations Guys understand just how valuable clients time is.

User Experience

‘Time is money’ was our mantra when designing the Location Guys. website. Prioritising the main needs of clients we created quick access to contact The Location Guys., made location and style the only search options to simplify browsing, created location liking without the need for an account, the ability to send liked locations easily, and even prioritised images over content as judging a book by it’s cover is the name of the game when it comes to location hunting.

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