iOS 10: What to expect

Apple recently confirmed major changes for its iOS 10 updates, but not many people know exactly what to expect. So we thought we’d try and fill you in all the details.

The next version of Apple’s software for the iPhone and iPad will feature enhanced 3D touch features, expanded Siri and an improved lock screen plus overhauls to Photos, Music and Messages.

One of the major changes we liked was to Apple’s iMessage. While the iMessage for Android rumours failed to make an appearance, some sweet new features are set to be introduced. iMessage will have rich links inline, meaning music and videos from other apps can be played without leaving iMessage to go to the apps. Emoji’s are being made three times bigger, and iMessage will now prompt you to emojify your words. This essentially means swapping words such as pizza and beach, to their corresponding emojis.

You can also add effects to the text in your bubbles, such as making texts larger or smaller, depending on the topic and how you want to talk about it. You can write messages in “invisible ink” that is revealed only once it’s been swiped, and you can blur messages until they tap.

Another feature likely to please most of you out there is to the caller id, making it easier to detect spam calls.

Apps such as Maps, Music and News are undergoing design changes to give a fresh new look, accompanied by the news that finally, after all this time, Apple apps pre-built on to your device can now be removed.

Finally, changes in the overall user interface have been made. From the lock screen to the Control Centre, Apple has tweaked and changed the look to take advantage of things like 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

There we have it, our summary of Apple’s iOS 10 reveal. So unlike the latest update, come autumn when iOS 10 is revealed, don’t constantly select ‘Remind me later’. Because iOS 10 is a big one.