Twitter launches new website design

Twitter announced earlier today that it was launching a refreshed version of its website which “reflects the look and feel” of its mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The main change is a white navigation bar at the top of the site where users can flick from their home page to mentions, discover and profile pages. This bar also includes a search box and a link to the settings and direct message pages.

blankUsers have also been given the option to add an accent colour to their profile page, which is available as an option on their settings page.

It should come as no surprise that Twitter is bringing over more of its mobile constructs to the desktop. The company reports that 76 percent of its users are accessing Twitter from their mobile devices each month, which means that a web version incorporating the same design features will likely be more familiar and user-friendly.

If you cannot see the new design yet then you can expect it to appear within the next few days as the company gradually rolls it out to its 500 million registered users.

A small minority of users will have already seen the new update over the last two weeks as the company has a pool of users who it tests new features and designs on.