Latest Google Algorithm update – Penguin 2.0

Officially launched on May 22, 2013 and termed the Webspam update, this Google algorithm is dedicated to targeting anything considered “blackhat” in terms of SEO.

What does this mean? Well, good news; you don’t need tricks, you don’t need gimmicks, you just need good content and people discussing it. It might not sound all that revolutionary, but in a world of Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation this simple idea has become lost.

Now if you’ve been using “blackhat” techniques this update will probably be bad news. Or if you have no idea what all these coloured hats are about I’d recommend you focus on these three points when writing content for your site so people share it:

1) Is this Original?

2) Is this Interesting?

3) Is this something I am passionate about?

Social media plays a huge part in how google ranks your website. Consider it a gauge of how your visitors enjoy your site. This includes the amount of times your site gets bookmarked; the amount of times it gets socially shared; and the amount of times it’s re-visited. They also know if it’s real or fake, so keep those “blackhats’ away and work for your ranking.