5 SEO Tips For 2013

1. They’re watching you

• Google is now incorporating broader social signals into its search algorithms. So getting people to like, share, repost etc is more important than ever.

2. It’s all about quality

• To rank well your site has to have quality content, not the quantity of keywords or links or any of the other early SEO techniques.

• If your site is primarily ecommerce and you’ve copied all your content from your supplier you can include quality, original content by introducing a blog that talks about developments in your industry / products.

3. Don’t spam links

• Put the relevant keyword in your title or once in your text; there’s no need to put it anywhere else.

4. Variation

• You need diverse backlink across all types of platforms (webs 2.0, social media, social bookmark) the more variation the better.

5. Go mobile

• Have a mobile friendly website? Well done, mobile SEO varies in structure and composition. As the search strategy (the way consumers are searching) is different too.