Website design – goodbye ie6

For the past few years IE6 has been a living nightmare for website designers. When IE6 was first released back in 2001 it soon became known as one of the most insecure browsers and famed for it’s lack of support compared to the more modern browsers.

In January 2007 IE6 had a 61% market share but as of January 2001 that had dramatically dropped to just 8%. These figures are sure to be music to website designers ears after years of struggling to support IE6 with hacks, separate CSS files and strange layout problems.

So now it is time to let IE6 become a vague memory and follow many of the larger website on the internet that have stopped supporting this outdated browser such as Google and more recently WordPress with it’s new 3.2 update. The final nail in the IE6 coffin is from Microsoft themselves when they released their Internet Explorer 6 Countdown website which is monitoring IE6 usage around the world and trying to persuade users to upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer.

We would however recommend using another browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome, both very good modern browsers.