2021 at TH3!

Wait… it’s a new year already?

It’s safe to say 2021 simultaneously felt like it absolutely flew by but at the same time like it lasted a lifetime. So, what did we get up to in the office in 2021?


Well, first of all not everyone was in the office. We had one team member working from home, one always in the office and everyone else was mixed. Working from home is something we’ve had to adapt to because of COVID, and we’ve been communicating with everyone in the team through Slack and Zoom. It’s great that we have the flexibility to do both as some team members just appreciate the office culture – we’re catering to everyone’s needs!

New team member

We also gained a new apprentice in 2021, Morgan our Digital Marketing Apprentice. She joined back in March and has taken to social media, blog writing (hello), content creation and is taking more of an interest in SEO. 

Work Experience

As well as a new team member, we’ve also took in quite a few people for work experience. This is in the hope we get more young people interested in the digital sector. One of our more recent students said 

“I really enjoyed doing my work experience at TH3 Design. They taught me a lot of new skills in web development and this has furthered my interest in getting a career involving programming.”

It’s great to hear!

Our favourite bits

Over the course of the year we took on a lot of new clients. There were some particular projects that stood out to our team though.

Tom said one of his favourite projects to work on in 2021 was the UI/UX designs on an upcoming app – that’s all we can say for now though, lips are sealed (NDA). But stick around to hear more about app design in 2022!

When we asked Danny his favourite he simply said, ‘they’re all my favourite, I just love web development.’ And it shows, because in December he celebrated his 4 year workivarsary with us! Although, he was particularly proud of the work he did on University Quarter for Kexgill. 

Amy loved working on all of the web designs she did this year, she’s even been helping our newest team member get to know the adobe suite better.  

Morgan has just loved getting to grips with our clients and settling in!

Featured Projects

We’ve worked on plenty of projects over the year, here’s a few.

The Location Guys were a start-up business looking for a new website. We built it and now they have over 165 locations on there! 

We also worked on a social media campaign for RIX, an Oil company based in Hull. Their aim was to get people to phone them up. Using Facebook ads manager, we created audiences for every depot they had and created ads for each. At the end of the campaign, overall, they had received a whopping 3518 calls! Let’s goooo.

Another success was our Fruit Market Christmas artwork, we created a naughty and nice list that people could input their names into and be on the list. This was printed and displayed down Humber Street. They received over 1.5k submissions! 

The last feature we’ll mention is our customer retention. We’re proud to say we’ve been working with client GW Power for over 7 years now and we’re currently on with their brand new website and marketing materials! Must be doing something right, and it’s been a pleasure. 

What did we think of 2021?

Time to find out what we all thought of 2021, had to have been better than 2020!

Amy said “Another year that didn’t pan out quite as I’d expected; I’m still working from home with a snoring dog at my slippers. Despite the peculiarity it’s been a jam packed with tons of exciting projects, from rebrands and websites to… a multi-storey car park? It’s been one hell of a year!”

Amy’s lovely dog, Lilly.

Danny said “2021 professionally was a great year, new technologies were learned and new skills gained. The return to the office was a welcome one as I thrive in an office environment. Looking forward to 2022 were I hope to challenge myself even further.”

Morgan said, “I started at TH3 in March 2021 and I’ve worked to learn everything I can so far, I’m loving how it’s going and can’t wait to work on more content, campaigns and maybe even start my level 4 Apprenticeship in 2022!” 

Overall, 2021 has been a success and we’re all excited to see what 2022 will bring, happy new year everyone!